urgent call for officials – MLTC

This is an urgent call for officials as we need to populate our roster of officials for this meet to proceed. We are especially thin on officials for the evening finals sessions. As per Swimming New Brunswick’s guideline, which is consistent with the practice for championship meets in other jurisdictions, each team is expected to contribute 1 official for each 5 swimmers per session. Based on the number of registered swimmers, this breaks down as follows for each team:

Team Swimmers Required Officials/Session
BLAST 26 5
AQUA 14 3
CNBO 55 11
CNS 18 4
LES 11 2
FAST 79 16
GOT 4 1
MWC 7 1
NES 14 3
SSC 12 2
TIDE 37 7
SWRD 22 4
WVST 14 3

Please ensure your team is fulfilling its officiating expectations and encourage your members to check off their participation as an official through the following link:


The meet cannot proceed unless we secure a minimum number of officials.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Shannon Sanford