Hy-tek guide for meet managers

Meet Set-up

Fill out the information highlighted in yellow. 

For Start and End Dates, enter the first and last day of the meet or same for a one day meet. Age-Up Date should always match the start date unless meet package indicates that age is calculated on another date. Entry Open and deadline dates should match the entry dates that will be used on the RTR. Even though it is ignored by the RTR, it will still show up when team import the meet event file.

Default touch pads at both ends should only be enabled for LC pool (Saint John), otherwise it should be disabled.

Course: select SC (short course 25m) or LC (50 m)

DQ Codes: Select UK-ASA DQ Codes Mar 2023. However, if using version 7 of meet manager, select UK-ASA DQ Codes Oct 2017. Download updated DQ codes (unzip in Hytek installation folder - normally C:\Hy-Sport\SwMM7 or C:\Hy-Sport\SwMM8)

Seeding Preferences

Course order: Select SLY (Short/Long/Yard) for Short course pool or LSY (Long/Short/Yard) for Long Course pool. This determines the priority of course times.

Prelim/Final events - seed non-conforming times last: If activated it will seed all the courses in the order specified under course. For example, if course is LSY, all LC entries will be seeded first, followed  by SC and finally Yards and NT will be last.

Timed final events - seed non-conforming times last: similar to option above except that it only applies to timed final events.

Report Preferences

Note: These settings need to be specified again if meet file is transferred on another computer.

Add the following options highlighted in yellow:

  • Show athlete status with name (will insert % for para, * for foreigner and x for exhibition swimmers)
  • Will display actual entry time instead of converted
  • Show 2nd club will be used to add the exception codes of Para swimmers
  • Relays as 4x100 and 4x200 style make it easier to understand

Optional in purple: suppress the "J" for JD on results is recommended for meets with superfinals to avoid seeing the "J" in front off all Superfinal results.




If a meet (like MLTC) has a limit on the number of team that can score for relay per event enter this limit in the field highlighted in yellow (for MLTC it is usually 1), otherwise leave it blank.

Entries / Entry Limits 

Entries must have been performed on or after: Use the earliest result date that is eligible for entries as per meet package or leave blank if there is no period limit.

Maximum entries per athlete including relays: add the sum of the two values below.

Maximum individual entries: maximum individual entries for entire meet as specified in the meet package.

Maximum relay entries per athlete: if multiple event per age group, this value should be doubled the number of relays (a swimmer could swim in both her age group and higher age group if they have different event numbers).



Para Meet

Paralympic Point System: Select Canada Paralympic Points (LC and SC Meters only)

Enable the Rank Results for Multi-Class Athletes [...]

Standard Scoring Set-up

Only set if meet package indicates that events will be scored.

For individual pts, set to value of age group finals. If meet has Superfinals, do not use the superfinal score here, they will need to be JD (Judge decision) after each event.

For relay points, set to values as specified in meet package for relays.

All other positions should be set to 0 (zero).



Entry Fee Surcharge

Athlete surcharge: enter the meet fee per athlete

Event number:Should be odd for girls and even for boys, except when events are mixed. 

  • 1-99 are normally individual events
  • 101-199 are relay events
  • 301-399 are para events

Individual/Relay: specify if event is individual or a relay.

Alt Gender, leave it enabled if entering events for boys and girls which will alternate the gender after adding an event with same other settings.

Age group: specifies a specific age group for an entire event number. Could be useful if a 12&under event is timed final which would need to be added under custom

Otherwise event age groups are specified under the multi-age groups:

Score Event: Indicates if event will be scored (detail should be in meet package)

Event Type: use standard for most event or multi-class for para events (for para, also indicate Para under stroke note).

Pads at both ends: Should normally only be enabled for LC events with electronics. Otherwise, it should be disabled.

Distance: Specify the distance in meter of the event. For relays, enter the total distance (ex: 4 x 50 m relays: use 200)

Stroke: Specify the stroke of the event

Rounds: Specify if event is timed final (1 round) or prelims/finals (2 rounds)

Heat order: specifies if heat will be seeded from slowest to fastest (most events) or fastest to slowest (sometimes 400m events and up). This should be specified under meet package.

Superfinals: Will seed top lane results regardless of age into a superfinal, then the rest will be seeded into each age group final.

Multi-age best of the rest (only available since version 8): will seed top lane results for each age group, then the best of the rest regardless of age will be seeded in a B final. 

Event - Session - Edit Session

Session number: start with 1 and increase by 1 for each additional session

Session title: Indicate a title of session 

Day: indicate 1 if first day of meet, 2 second day, etc

Start time: Session start time

Interval: recommended range 30 to 50 secs (dive over start for champs need less time, clearing pool and premier meet need more time)

Extra Backstroke: recommended range 45 to 60 secs (need more time with ledges)

Course: should match the course of meet setup

Max entries should not be used here (see previous entries setup), unless we also want to put a limit per session.



Once sessions are created, double click on the event to add it on the session. If a same timed-final event (like 1500 free) is added again in a final session, the system will ask if you want to split and how many heats (normally 1 fastest heat of each gender is swim during final).

If meet package specifies that an event is alternating gender, specify the event number to alternate with under alt column, it will default to 1 heat of alternation (this can be common with 400m distances and higher).

Event - Standards - Custom Qual Times

Custom Qual Times: Option should be enabled, otherwise exporting the event file will not allow to select the LSY or SLY course order for entries which imports either LC or SC times without conversion in the specified order.

This option should be in the lower right side of the Event -> Time Standards window.



Export Events to TM

When exporting events to TM (Under file-export), the first option should be enabled (without being greyed out). Otherwise, there is a possibility that Custom Qual Times was not enabled.

This is to enable entry times in both LC and SC without conversion. The course order specifies the priority. LSY specifies the order LC-SC-Yard, while SLY would be in the order SC-LC-Yard. It will still seed them all together, unless the non-conforming options were enabled under seeding preferences above.

Other course terms (appears as 6th comma seperated value on first line of ev3 file):

  • L - all times will be converted to LC times
  • LO - Long course time Only (no conversion)
  • S - all times will be converted to SC times
  • SO - Short course time Only (no conversion)